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X-Treme AR-15 trigger


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a) A fully machined trigger (not a casting) from alloy tool steel using wire edm and the same manufacturing methods and equipment that we use to to produce the 2 stage CG bolt gun triggers

b) Fully heat treated, not case hardened or carbeurized mild steel, sears will not lose their precise adjustment

c) Adjustable for 1st stage pull, 2nd stage pull, and 2nd stage sear engagement

d) Designed as a semi-auto trigger for the discriminating AR rifleman using 3D CAD modeling software and material analysis software to maximize efficiency and lock time

e) 4.0 millisecond lock time verified with high speed photography. Click here

f) Nitride Salt Bath (Melonite QPQ)treated for mil spec corrosion protection and finish

g) Lifetime guarantee to the original buyer