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We receive many calls questioning the compatibility of the tube gun and our Mod 22 trigger. We are pleased to report many successfull installs in both the MAK as well as the Eliseo product. Installation is slightly complicated by the fact you have now covered the receiver with the aluminum sleeve but no clearance issues should be present.

German Salazar might have been the first to install a Mod 21 in an Eliseo kit as was highlighted in an article on Since then, there have been many customers successfully install Mod 22's in their Eliseo gun.

We have been involved with Pierce Engineering, Competition Shooting Stuff (Gary Eliseo), and Creedmoor Sports for their CSR-1 rifle. A new collaboration is being developed for a special on-line build show-cased by using an Eliseo tube again, a Borden Rifles receiver, and a Mod 22 trigger. We expect this on soon.

Below are some photos of a few tube guns with Mod 22 triggers for your inspection.

Tom Myers' tube gun




Art Neergaard's rifle

German Salazar's Eliseo Tube Gun