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XTSP Kimber 82G Trigger (Two-Stage)


The Kimber trigger is another model in our line of Mod 22 target triggers. It is a true 2 stage 4 lever trigger. This trigger is a drop in and attaches with the same 2 screws that are used on the factory trigger. It is adjustable for sear engagement in both the 1st and 2nd stage. It has adjustable 1st stage travel, 1st and 2nd stage pull weights, and overtravel.

In recent years we have made some advancements in our high power and military triggers by using specialized coatings. We now use those Teflon coatings on our target trigger sears as well. This means that lubrication is not necessary but still an option to the end user.

We assembled this trigger with a lighter set of springs than we use on our high power rifle triggers. With the set of springs installed in the trigger, we have been able to get total pull weights (a combination of stage 1 & 2) in the 8oz range. It is possible to get the 2nd stage set at an extremely light pull weight.

Instructions are available here.